Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I'm sitting in my room like a prick, and have been ever since Laura left. Laura and I had a great day out at London Zoo today before she went home this evening. 

We met Henri and Sun last night, they share a kitchen with me and both seem quite nice. I can't help thinking that as i was out with Laura today i have missed out on introducing myself to new people. This upsets me as i don't want to be the one that doesn't get to know people for a long time, and that worries about every silly little thing. But i'm already falling into this. Worrying, rather than just doing.

My mind works in overdrive a lot of the time. I wish i could just turn it off, and allow myself to have a good time without any hang ups. 

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jamesarmstrong said...

You'll be fine!

Most universities operate on the idea that the kitchen is a communal meeting place.

Going out for lots of cups of tea is a good idea! They're all just as nervous as you!