Saturday, 4 April 2009

64.ID and Passports.

I'm so over this project and all of my work. I'm tired of my work looking like cartoons. I've decided to go back to my old sort of work, but using the different styles i have developed over the last year.

For the ID passes i am going to make these images into 3D badges, almost like rank badges used in the military.

Passport ideas - I started by drawing out passport photographs, but again they looked like cartoons so i scrapped them. I think i need to use more techniques in my work as it is looking very plain and dull. I think for the passport photos i will photograph the ID structures in black and white and use these as i want it to be more abstract, almost a representation of our characters rather than a stupid drawing. In theory i will make each character a passport consisting of 5 pages, alongside a few customs stamps. The main focus of the passports will be 'The face' - the reason for this is that on human passports the pages are made up of a few images, almost like a wash on each page (mine has birds), and as THE FACE is the power hungry Ruler it would make sense so have her face on each page, or something to represent her. Maybe an eye to show that she sees all that goes on within the society, and one of the stamps can have her face on. This way the passports are more personal to each character as opposed to being completely about THE FACE.

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