Tuesday, 14 April 2009

68. Final ID's

Cressida - Costume to gather information and record. Consumer. I struggled with this ID pendant more as i found it hard to think of something to represent this costume without making a replica of the a part of the costume itself.

Me - This idea came to my mind first of all. I thought about our manifesto, one of the rules being something about giving back to the earth rather than taking and destroying as humans did. This is why i used a stone for the form of my pendant - it is also similar to the shape of the balloons used for my costume.

James - I found it hard to come up with an object to represent this costume as i didn't really know much about it. I decided that working with triangles would be best as they were used for the main part. I chose to make a pentagonal based pyramid as there are 5 members in our society, and pentagon divided into 5 separate triangles.

Rosie - I added a twist to the idea of this costume, being that the housing function was also to help birds left in our world. I thought it would work nicely if i made a tiny bird house from the same material that Rosie used to make her costume with.

Cec - I wanted to make something quite overpowering for this pendant, as Cecilie's character is the ruler in our society. I chose to make a rotating eye to show that she is always watching, with a little help from the helmeted birds.

I am quite please with how these have turned out. I wanted to try something different and i'm proud of the outcomes.

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