Wednesday, 29 April 2009

74. Biopic - RASPUTIN

So he's rather fucked up, dark, and fucked up. I'm finding it hard to know what to research on this guy, in response to making a 1 minute film about his life. As there are no books in the library on him, i've been watching videos and documentaries on youtube. Main things that come to my mind are slicing wrists, rape, hypnotism and those programs that show spiritual healers doing ridiculous things.


Anonymous said...

from what i know,
didnt he hold all his power over the TZARINA because of the relationship he had with the prince, who was haemophaeliac, or however thats spelt, he was the only one who could seem to stop the childs bleeding.
also Alan Rickman played him in a tv movie

Spencer Walton said...

YES indeed. i watched it!