Sunday, 30 May 2010

Really fresh start.

I'm going slightly mad. Theres so much i want to learn and do and i feel like i cant take it all in at the moment. Chill out. Slow it down. Start things how i did at the beginning of Illustration. I STILL NEED TO DRAW. My ideas have to come from somewhere.

I'm completely different to everyone else on my new course. I'm much more conceptual and i feel that this gives me somewhat an advantage over the others, aside from all of the skills they have compared to me.

I'm gradually working my way through Ceramic books and artists.
I'm going to start posting them all. This helps me.

Claire Curneen

I've always avoided drawing people. It frustrates me. However this really appeals to me.
I think it's because they appear a lot more raw than if i was to draw a person. Perhaps because i'm a major perfectionist and unless it's a perfect likeness i just get annoyed with myself. I think working with clay should help me break this a little, hopefully. I want to make things for ME. Not to please others. Think objectively, subjectively, bla bla. I even want my work to be pretentious and conceptual. Isn't that what art school builds you up for anyhow?

Damian O' Sullivan

I really love interaction with people in my work, but in a less functional way. Restriction and containment. Or putting the work through a process of tranformation - whether it be giving or removing a function, function that is fictional or non fictional but applied in a different context? Possibly. For example, the framing or where the object is seen. This can completely change your perspective of an object. I think this is very important, and feel that work should almost be part of a space, and should add to this space. Rather than creating work with no idea of where or how it can be seen.

Another one of my favourites at the moment.

Phoebe Cummings

Ceramics seems to be such a serious topic. CONCENTRATE ON THE FORM. FORM FORM FORM. Yeah i get it. I think a lot of this concentration should come subconciously. If i make a shape - then obviously i have concentrated on the form as this is what has formed the basis of my work. I feel like i almost have to make masterpieces. I have no idea why i feel this way as i have been learning so much and none of what i have learnt has indicated perfection whatsoever.
This is why this work interests me. I am drawn to less conventional things, objects that are non functional, and recognised purely for its detail and attention to the process which is evident in its physical appearance. The forms used in this work aren't in any way meant to be complex, and don't require a great deal of skill. However it is the way it is used repeatedly that makes this piece powerful, alongside how it is photographed and placed into an already existing environment.

Kuldeep Malhi

Everyone likes boobs and phalluses.

Marek Cecula

Anne Marie Laureys

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