Monday, 25 October 2010

I've been working on a large piece using the same coiling technique at uni and it's starting to become a bit tedious as i seem to just be making things that don't really have any link to anything (although this was what i wanted). This is ok, except they all just look pretty much the same but just at different scales. When i think about my work and how i want people to be able to form some kind of association once they have reacted to the objects that i have made, i realise that i want a reaction that is directly linked to the human body in this case.

Speaking to another tutor has given me another perspective on my work, and i started playing around with just how certain shapes can fit into my hands. This has given me a few ideas of how i can manipulate clay. I think one of the main things i need to consider about this project is where and how i will display these pieces. I want them to be touched and interacted with, so i need to make them accessible to the public and they need to have something about them that makes you want to touch them. Something intriuging about the shape - you dont know what it is until it fits into your hand, for example.

Corina spoke today about how i could continue to make these forms and then think about where i want them to be displayed. I mentioned that i keep a stone in my pocket all the time as i like to hold it when im out and about. From this she spoke about how i could make objects that could be found in things like hung up coats, for example. This however would need something to let people know that the objects were in the pockets in the first place, OR i could have transparent clothing and colour my work brightly in order for them to be seen through the material. I like this idea - i need to play around with this whole idea as i really like the little things we made today.

I still want them to be seen as objects in their own right, and i dont want them to just look like the negative space of something, it seems too obvious. Although this is just me being a defeatist again.

All this talk reminds me of the work of Naomi Filmer again.

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