Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The wearing away of land surface and rock by running water, wind, flowing ice or the sea.

There was a crack in my big piece before i fired it. I fixed this by excentuating the crack so that dry clay would fill it. I then pushed wet clay into the now bigger crack until it wasn't visible. I ket repeating this as when the clay dries it shrinks revealing another crack. So the idea is to keep doing the same steps over until the crack isn't visible. So -

- while i was scraping away at the crack i was become agitated by how the smooth surface i had formed on the clay was becoming rough due to the fact that i had used a gritty clay. The thought of changing the surface in this case was slightly frustrating. However, the more i think about it, the idea of eroding away a surface of clay and changing the texture does sound rather exciting. Maybe using tools, natural materials? Who knows.

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