Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SO - Hauser and Wirth have converted their Piccadilly gallery into a fully funtional Community Centre. This intriuged me - i wondered how far they have taken it and whether it is still seen as 'art'.


The experience was very strange, and was just like a Community Centre. I was encouraged to almost explore the building which looked very much like it had always been a community centre. I don't really know if the building was changed from its original state but it still had an eerie feel to it. I went up to the top floor that had a prayer room, charity shop and another empty room, and found a ladder which led up to the roof. I decided to head on up - feeling slightly childish like i was breaking a rule or going where i shouldn't have. On the way up the ladder there was a little hole in the wall which led into the loft of the building. I lifted myself up into the hole to see what was inside. It looked just like squatters had settled in the place and was filled with matresses, working televisions, music, litter and much more. VERY strange.

I went quite late so the Community Centre 'activities' had finished. I'm going to go back and join in some of the classes in the week. Here are some photographs from their website of the classes in action. Old people love <3

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Network

Renaissance Fencing

Tea Tango

50+ Speed Dating


Cressida Knapp said...

this sounds great, what an adventure. love the renaissance fencing!

Spencer Walton said...

It looks amazing doesn't it. You'd really like the whole thing. It's open until Saturday, try and get down there.