Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OXIDE SLIPS - just a few of the colours i want within my work. Blacks, pinks, metally irons and coppers. Yeah. The top line is oxidation firing and the bottom is reduction. I want to also do a pink slip and a copper slip in both oxidation and reduction. The photo doesn't really do them justice.

BLACK GLAZES - YEAHHHHH, i like the bottom right one, the rest are a bit cruddy, not a fan of these glazes ( TUT TUT LUCIE RIE)

OXIDES IN BODIES - YEAHHHH, i love these. CROCUS MARTIS rocks my world. It gives such a nice plum iron colour, it's really metallic and looks nothing like clay whatsoever (far right). The middle is Copper Carbonate, another one of my favourite chemicals, feels and sounds just like metal. AND last but not least (left) is just a commercially bought pink stain, and again it turns a beautiful plasticy grey in reduction. If only i could obtain both oxidation and reduction firing colours from the pink stain at the same time. OH WELL.

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