Thursday, 16 February 2012

So, i've been looking at a lot of painting recently and i'm really becoming more and more interested in digital processes. This is something that i have always been interested in but not necessarily considered an art form itself. Something else that i find myself looking at a lot recently is the translation between painting/drawing and what it looses/gains from being transformed into digital print, especially when it is related to process based sculpture/imagery. There is something about the whole digital process that is so wrong, taking away from the physicality of applying paint to a surface and building up layers of texture, however this is something that attracts me to this process - the fact that i enjoy producing things that make people feel awkward, producing work that people don't necessarily understand, and the fact that i can manipulate and get the colours i want without running out of paint.

After my process digi paintings, i want to push this further and try out a lot more with 'textureless texture paintings.'

This could involve combining real textured sculpture with flat digital imagery in order to produce something that is flat but gives the illusion that it once had texture. I could stay true to my processes of pulling, rubbing and scratching, trying this out on other materials such as fabric, scanning this in and working over with digital painting.

I also want to mess around with moving image and see how this could benefit my ideas, although this could become to obvious and may be too detached from my processes.

Some shiz i've been looking at...

Tauba Auerbach

Sterling Crispin


Moving Image/GIFS

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