Thursday, 7 August 2008

3. Cosham where the girls don't wash 'em.

My mum, Andy and I got up early and went to London today to check out the halls of residence where i am now going to be living as of September. I've been excited about this trip for a while as i don't get to spend much time with my mum, so it made a nice change to have a day out. Also it meant that i got to show her where i will be attending University. I took my camera and went a bit snap happy, recording stills of pretty much anything. I tried to keep up with taking photographs, but i became tired and grumpy towards the end of the day.

This image was taken at the Train station in Cosham. As you can tell, me mum and Andy were not quite ready for a day of unexpected photographs. Fake smile much? Or half asleep...

When in London we got into the habit of pointing out almost every sign, or shop that i will be able to make some use of when i live in there for University. First of all we visited the halls of residence and timed how long it took to get there from the nearest tube station. It took about 5 - 10 minutes which wasn't too bad. To our surprise, the building was still being built, due to this we could not view one of the rooms. The building looked nice from outside, and the rooms looked reasonably large compared to the size of my room at home. However the block itself was crammed in between two other big buildings, which meant the rooms at either end had a luxurious view of a brick wall. Ignoring this, hoping i wouldn't be given one of these rooms, we then went back to the tube station and travelled to Camberwell to see how long the journey to University would take. 

In total the trip took about 45 minutes. This involved getting the tube to Elephant and Castle, and then a bus direct to both Camberwell campuses. Obviously i would have preferred to live closer to the campus, but i'm not too bothered about about the distance as this is the same as i travelled by bus to the University of Portsmouth everyday during my Foundation Course. 
We then went to Bond street where i had to pay a deposit for the halls of residence. It had to be paid by tomorrow, so it seemed sensible to turn over the money in person rather than by postal service, which wouldn't have been delivered by tomorrow anyhow.

Once these tasks were complete, we had the rest of the day to wander and mingle with whatever we wanted. Our stomachs needed satisfying. A sneaky Burger King was in order before we travelled any more.

Rather than getting back on the tube we decided to stay on the bus until we got to Oxford Circus as this was less effort. We passed a Cost-Cutter with police tape boarding off the entrance, and after reading the papers left on the tubes realised that there had been a shooting. Another person dead. Scarey.

So, my claim to fame today was passing the crime scene on a bus. Exciting ay? No. 
Living in London i going to be strange. Obviously being away from home in a different city will be hard, but the thought of having less money than i do now is worrying. 

What else did i learn from my trip to London? Well, i know that i now prefer to drink water as  opposed to fizzy drink, and that i am shit at Sudoku.

To top of this eventful day, at the train station on the way home we met a drunk man who shared a few of his jokes with us.

'Where are you goin' mate?'
'Er, Cosham'
'Ah Cosham, thats where i'm goin'. Cosham where the girls don't wash 'em. Fareham where the girls don't wear 'em. Dya get it, nah just kiddin', its a joke.'

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