Tuesday, 5 August 2008

2. 10 Images.

'We would like you to upload 10 images that you find interesting [not just illustration] and explain why.'

Where to start?
I have decided that I am not going to hunt down 10 images right now as I'm writing this because i want the images that I do upload to have personal meaning and significance. Although everything i upload will have this, i want to be able to find them interesting in ways that other people can not.

Image 1.

I came across this photograph of my mother last week as her and I sorted through a box full of old photographs of the family. I saw this image, and HAD to have it. Recently I have developed an obsession for dated photographs and negatives. This started when i went on a day trip to Arundel with my two best friends - Laura and Luke. I bought a book full of used negatives from a Junk shop. Each of the images tell a different story and although i have no clue why the images were taken, some are very moving.

I feel the same way about this photograph of my mother. She said she must have been about 16 when it was taken. There are so many things i like about this image, but when i try to pin point each of them, i find them almost impossible to describe. Just looking at the photograph enables me to view my mum from a completely different perspective to how i see her in front of me today. She appears radiant, and confident, and not frail at all. Not that she is frail in appearance, but i think that a lot of what has happened in our lives has had a great impact on the way she is now. My mother is a strong person inside, and one day i would love to see her in the same light as in this photograph. I feel as though the way she is dressed and how she holds herself has also changed. The women i know now would never wear a dress of that length. Maybe confidence decreases with age. I don't know.

Image 2.

Another photograph.
The reason behind sorting through old photographs is that i wanted more of my father, as i only had one which is framed on top of my bookcase. As we were sorting through all of the photographs we came across an old shoe box that i recognised from a while ago. It contains my dads possessions, like his photo albums and random items that i assume were scattered around his home. There was also the pen i bought him for Fathers day - the day he died. It was one of those pens with gel inside, with footballs that floated from each side as you tilt it.
Anyway, the reason i chose this photograph is because i love the expression on my face. It makes me wonder why i was so happy and if i was laughing, why? Perhaps the photographer had made me laugh? Or was i just so happy to be sat with my Father as he pretended to sleep? I don't know. This image is just really inspirational to me as it enables me to motivate myself even when my mood is dire.

Here is an image i produced for my written diary. It's not meant to represent anything specific.

Image 3.

Linda Zacks -The 1000 Journals Project

My favourite point about this image is that it brings many styles and ways of working together into one piece. These include drawing, using photographed/scanned items to collage, texture rubbings and typography. When i look at this image i imagine myself re-doing it, scribbling away over the unfocused polaroids. This image has inspired me to use polaroid photographs more within my work as i love how unforgiving they can be. The subject almost becomes more permanent than in digital photographs, giving a greater sense of personal connection to the subject. I think the photographs work well with the rest of the composition as the tone and focus enables them to blend in enough with the hand drawn imagery.

Image 4.

Eduardo Recife

Image 5.

Image 6.

Image 7.

Image 8.

Image 9.

This summer i became slightly addicted to ANTM, and watched Cycle 1 - 10. This one one of my favourite images as it shows a complete transformation of the model. I also like the dark tones used as it makes me think of early morning, when the grass is covered in dew and the air is freezing. Like when you go on holiday and have to wake up ridiculously early to get to the airport...
Other than that i like the style of clothing, and she has nice shaped legs.

Image 10.

I love this image, it makes me laugh every time i view it. My mum was trying to put sun cream on her face at the time. But you know how babies are - all wriggly. She scrunches her face up and pulls her eyes down. She also does this when she dives into and headbutts things on my bed.

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