Tuesday, 5 August 2008

1. It starts.

So, i feel rather silly for creating this - well, not really but anything new makes me feel awkward. I've been wanting to create a blog for a while now to work alongside my written diary. This is because I've got into the habit of writing in my diary in the evening so that i can comment on the day in general, emotions, etc. I want this blog to be more spontaneous, in that i can write in it whenever i feel the need to, even if its just something small and ridiculous.

I always feel as if i should write about more interesting things, and have the urge to delete everything i have already written. So I'm just going to get on with the tasks from Camberwell, otherwise i will work myself up too much and become upset. Hrm...

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darryl said...

hello Spencer, thank you for sending the address to me. I have had a quick look at your images/comments and think that it would be good for you to [perhaps] have a look at the work of Sally Mann and Nan Goldin [both photographers deal with 'reality' and raw emotive subject matter.
I was also interested in the work that you show at the top of the blog, the scanned objects from your bedroom. If you are starting to develop up characters it would make sense for you to start identifying them, attributing traits and characteristics to them no? look at Remo Stoller's work and also Genevieve Gaukler's mandala images and while you are at it John Heartfield. Keep it coming, talk soon darryl