Wednesday, 3 September 2008

16. Perfectionist.

I've always been a bit of a perfectionist. I guess it comes with having an ICD, and everything else that goes with it. It's so frustrating when i try to produce imagery. For example, today i attempted to draw out my new idea inspired by Laura's cat Luna, when she scratched my finger. It made me think about how wherever you go and whatever you do, you leave a part of yourself behind, or some traceable mark or footprint. As you have probably already guessed, i leave hairs. My scalp is so weak now from all the pulling - 18 years of wrecking my scalp is never a good thing. So this is what i mean, leaving marks accidentally.

Anyway, i tried to do work based on this, doing a intricate drawing of the position my hand is constantly in. Then i took all the hairs from today and painted with them, to try and form some kind of hair-like cloud. Each piece looked fine on its own, but this isn't what i was aiming for. I gave up and stropped. Majorly.

After tidying up my materials i took another look at my work. Lately i keep telling myself to keep everything that i produce as it often comes in useful at another time when i can view it from a different perspective. I cut up the mass of hair and put it into my diary across a double page leaving the inverted cut out section looking like a frame. Then i bunged all the singular pieces into my scanner and hoped for the best. Here is how it came out - 

I am yet to add some text and change the composition slightly.  

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