Friday, 20 February 2009

55. Pre-balloonage.

I wasn't too sure about this as the costume design is so simple, but now i actually like the design without balloons too because it doesn't look like anything in particular like some other peoples designs - you can tell that they are trying to make something to resemble something else. I have stitched a loose running stitch around where my face should be to bring it back to reality slightly - this also helps with the positioning to make the sheet even on both sides of my body. I am going to attach another draw string near my elbow area so that when it is filled with balloons this will allow the shape to become even more distorted and as people pull on the strings the balloons will rub together and make an annoying squeaky noise.

I bookmarked this page in my book as it seemed relevant to my ideas for this project.

A sheet with balloons under seemed slightly boring and i no longer want to pop the balloons. Instead i have added drawstrings for interaction with others.

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